Whale Information

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Whale Anatomy
The whale species are well known for their enormous size, even though some of them are substantially larger than others.

Whale Feeding
The food sources for whales are very diverse. It depends on various factors.

Whale Habitat and Distribution
All of the oceans located around the world have something in common, they are home to whales.

Whale BehaviorWhale information picture
Whales are known to learn from each other and it is amazing all that they can teach such as different methods of hunting for prey.

Whale Reproduction
Females may have several mates during any given mating season. This increases her chances of successfully conceiving.

Whale Evolution
More than 37 million years ago is believed to be the time frame for them.

Whale Conservation
There are various species of whales that are at risk of becoming endangered and possibly extinct if changes aren’t made.

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