Walrus Information

Walrus Information Index

  • Walrus Anatomy
    They have a body that is well designed to allow them to survive both in the water and on land.
  • Walrus Behavior
    Social interaction is a big part of life for the walrus. They are seen in very large numbers on land or on pieces of ice.
  • Walrus Evolution
    It is believed that anywhere from 20 million to 26 million years ago there were at least 20 different species of walrus.
  • Walrus FeedingWalrus Information
    They are opportunistic so they will take advantage of the various types of food that they can find.
  • Walrus Habitat and Distribution
    The walrus has a distribution that includes many places that most people don’t realize they live.
  • Walrus Reproduction
    The males will become very aggressive with each other during the mating season.
  • Walrus Senses and Adaptations
    The walrus is fascinating, and a big part of their overall survival stems from the great senses and adaptations.
  • Walrus Predators and Conservation
    The walrus lives in very cold regions, and that has limited their risk factors from natural predators.

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