Otter Species

  • Otter Species
    There are 13 known species of Otters left in the world with at least one that was removed from the list due to extinction.
  • Sea Otter
    The Northern Pacific Ocean is the primary location where you will find the Sea Otter. The Sea Otter has a small round face that is absolutely adorable.
  • African Clawless Otter
    The African Clawless Otter is the second largest of all the species. They are well known for the luxurious hair that they have.

  • European Otter
    The European Otter is one what has a distinct look to it. While it does have the brownish color of coat, it also features white along the length of it.
  • Giant Otter
    The Giant Otter features a very long body, similar to that of a weasel. They also have the shortest fur of all the different species.
  • Northern River Otter
    The Northern River Otter is found both in Canada and the United States. Norther river otters are very long animals with large sized heads.
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