Tropical Rainforest Biome Facts

Tropical rainforest biomes are found in the lower latitudes. The temperature is generally around 80 degrees. There is very high humidity too – from 77% to 88%. There isn’t a big change in seasons like there are with many other biomes. Instead, this is what you can expect day after day. It will rain just about every day due to the high humidity. That humidity mixes with the heat to create cumulus clouds. For millions of years it has been this way in this particular biome.

ClimateAround 80 °F
PlantsThousands of types of flowering plants
AnimalsHummingbirds, monkeys, snakes, Frogs, three-toed sloths.
LocationAfrica, southeast of Asia and south America.

In a tropical rainforest, they are very dense and very wet all the time. In fact, it is typical for it to rain every single day. The amount of rain per day though can vary. The location of the tropical rainforest is around the equator. They are primarily found within the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. You will find tropical rainforest biomes in Australia, the Southeast of Asia, the Southern portion if India, and South America.

You may not be aware that a tropical rainforest can be found in many different types of terrain. This includes mountains, plains, and river valleys. The amount of rainfall that each gets as well as the temperatures there are the main differences. There is also a big difference regarding the types of plants and animals that live there. The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon Rainforest found in South America.

Tropical Rainforest Biome Characteristics

In a tropical rainforest biome, there are several characteristics that have been identified. They have rainfall that can occur all year long, and often in heavy volume. It is common for them to get at least 100 inches per year. Some areas get up to 400 inches of rain annually. This means from 9 feet to 30 feet of rain may be in any one area of the tropical rainforest biome annually.

You may not be aware though that the rainfall is often recycled in the tropical rainforest biome. The heat during the day causes the water to start evaporating from the environment. As it is in the air clouds form above the canopy. These clouds will then release the water once again in the form of rain.

Due to the enormous sizes of tropical rainforest biomes, scientists have broken it down into four zones. You will find them in all of the various tropical rainforest biomes out there. At the bottom you have the floor of the forest. This is where you will find various types of insects. Large animals that roam the tropical rainforest biome are also found in this location. The next zone is the understory which is very dark and cool. This is located on the ground, under the vast amount of leaves.

The canopy zone is under the trees. The braches can span out so far that the offer a huge canopy that covers the tropical rainforest biome. Here you will find insects, reptiles, birds, and various types of mammals living. Trees that are higher up than the canopy are called emergents. Here you will also find tons of species and insects living.

Tropical Rainforest Biome Information

Tropical Rainforest Biome Facts and Information

Tropical Rainforest Biome Fauna

The climate in the tropical rainforest biome is perfect for millions of types of animals and plants to live there. At least 15 million different ones have been identified successfully. It is believed that there are many more though that haven’t been identified yet. This is why it is so very important to protect them. The specific types of animals that will be living in a tropical rainforest depend on the location.

Small insects including the Monarch Butterfly and beetles live here. Beetles are very dominant as are termites. There are plenty of ants and spiders found around this biome as well. They can range in size from extremely small to larger ones. These are important parts of the biome even though they aren’t as big as other living creatures found in it.

The mammals include a variety of different types of animals. You may find monkeys, bats, possums, kangaroos, tigers, or fox to name a handful of them. Reptiles including a variety of snakes reside here. Many of them are extremely large and they live in the trees of the tropical rainforest biome. Amphibians including the frog and salamander reside in this biome.

Some of the popular birds found living here include the African Gray Parrot, the Australian King Parrot, Eagles, and Hummingbirds. In the water of the tropical rainforest biome you will find various fish. They can include eels or piranhas. This is also home to plenty of species of amphibians which includes numerous frog species.

There are a variety of animals that live in every single layer of the tropical rainforest biome. Some of them stay in only one layer such as in the higher trees. Others though live both in the trees and on land. They will go where they can find food and shelter. They also strive to avoid various predators that share their biome.

Tropical Rainforest Biome Flora

There are thousands of types of flowering plants found in the tropical rainforest biome. What is interesting about them is that the roots aren’t in the soil. Instead, they are in the water that comes from the rainfall. These air plants are very important as thousands of types of insects in this biome feed on them.

The flowers that blossom as well as the fruit also provide sources of food for other animals that live in the tropical rainforest biome. The flowers also offer nectar that hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies are able to consume. Another valuable plant in this biome is the bromeliads. They have leaves that look similar to those of pineapples. That design collects water in the center of it. Frogs, lizards, and insects live in that area of water.

Both vines and ferns grow all over the tropical rainforest biome. They help to connect the various layers found in the biome. For example there are herbs and mushrooms that grow on the floor. Various types of fruits and nuts grow on the plants and in the trees. Bananas grow on the vines in this particular biome as well.

Due to the heat and the moisture of the tropical rainforest biome, the plants and animals that die in this location rot quickly. The decay though offers plenty of rich nutrients for other plants to grow from. Many of the plants that grow in the rainforest biome offer us ingredients that are used in a variety of medications.

Due to the high humidity in the tropical rainforest biome, there is an abundance of microorganisms. They are able to decompose anything on the forest floor very rapidly. Plants and trees are able to grow fast from the nutrients found in this soil. However, the nutrients are going to remain in the trees and plants. The high level of acid can be very harsh in some areas of the tropical rainforest biome. It can cause erosion to occur.

Greenhouse Effect

The tropical rainforest biome is more important for Earth than most people realize. Scientists have provided us with information that the destruction of these biomes can increase the temperature of Earth. Known as the Greenhouse Effect, which results in less rain. In many biomes the lack of rain can severely create problems for the future of both plants and animals that live in it.

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