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  • Tiger Anatomy
    The body is very muscular and they have a great deal of power behind them.
  • Tiger Feeding
    They are able to take down a variety of types of animals including plenty of them that are quite a few times larger than they are.
  • Tiger ReproductionMalayan Tiger Walking
    Tigers have the ability to mate any time of the year. However, there seems to be a peak period that runs from November through April.
  • Tiger Habitat and¬†Distribution
    There are some very interesting things to learn about the communication and social behavior of the Polar Bear.
  • Tiger Extinct Subspecies
    The tiger is an amazing animal, but sadly there are already several subspecies that are no longer on Earth.
  • Tiger Taxonomy and Evolution
    Understanding the evolution of the tiger is very important. Yet with so many of the subspecies already extinct and others in critical danger
  • Types of Tigers
    There are 9 subspecies of tigers that have been classified, and 3 of them are extinct at this point in time.
  • Tiger Conservation

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