Shark Information Index

  • Shark Anatomy
    The overall anatomy of the shark is very intriguing, and it continues to show us the amazing elements in place for them to survive.
  • Shark Feeding
    When it comes to the diet of sharks, many people have the misconception that they are out there hunting for humans and such.
  • Sharks Habitat and Distribution
    Sharks are mainly found living in saltwater around the world. However, there are a few species that can live in freshwater.
  • Shark SensesSharks- Information
    There has been a tremendous amount of curiosity surrounding the senses of sharks.
  • Shark Reproduction
    When it comes to reproduction for sharks, they don’t produce high volumes of offspring.
  • Shark Evolution
    The concept of evolution for any living creatures is one with theories and debates. When it comes to sharks, that is no exception.
  • Shark Conservation
    As of 2009, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature had red listed 64 species of sharks as being at risk of becoming extinct.
  • Shark Lifespan – How long do sharks live?

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