Rhinoceros Information Index

Rhinoceros Anatomy

Here are some interesting facts about the rhinos’ anatomy, and defense mechanisms.

Rhinoceros Behavior

The various subspecies of rhino communicate and coexist in amazing ways, displaying rudimentary vocalizations, and complex territorial rituals.

Rhinoceros Evolution

It is speculated that the rhino is as old as fifty million years, and all current offshoots occurred from the same, gigantic prehistoric grazer.

Rhinoceros FeedingRhinoceros in natural habitat

Rhinoceroses are diverse in their eating habits and what they can ingest. Most rhinos are browse eaters, but a few are grazing eaters.

Rhinoceros Habitat

Once, rhinos were as far flung as Northern America, and Europe. Separate rhino subspecies have existed in almost every environment on the planet.

Rhinoceros Reproduction

The rhinos’ mating rituals are an interesting example of territorial herbivores and how they deal with their environment.

Rhinoceros Threats And Conservation

All sub species of rhinoceros have been the target of poachers and deforestation, rapid changes in our natural environments that the rhino was never equipped to handle.

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