People may face an issue of rabbits that have created a domicile in their yard. Their habitat is such that they burrow a nest in a patch of land, and it stays camouflaged till a pet or lawnmower discovers it. As much as you would like to keep the rabbit, remember that they are wild, and they do not respond well to being domesticated, and they could succumb to early mortality if not done correctly.

How to Handle Rabbit Dens in Your Yard

So then, if you find a nest in the backyard and you don’t know what to do with it, here are a few steps you should take if you come across this situation.

Leave It Be

I know you want to remove the bunnies from the nest or bring them into your home, but the best thing you can do is to not touch the nest at all. The bunnies will usually grow and hop out in about 1 to 3 weeks, so there would be no action that has to be done on your part, apart from keeping your pets or kids away from the nest so that they don’t mistakenly destroy the habitat or injure the little bunnies.

Mark the Nest with a Sign

Marking the nest with some sort of sign or symbol will help easily distinguish the nest from an actual patch of grass. This is done to ensure that the rabbits grow and leave by themselves without the risk of being harmed from external factors like a lawnmower or a child digging around, thinking that the part of the land is innocuous.

Secure and Protect the Nest

There is a danger of other wild animals, pets, rain, children damaging the nest and potentially become deadly to the rabbits. Try to protect the nest by placing a fence to protect it from external deterrents and make-shift roof like an umbrella, to protect them from the rain.

Call an Animal Shelter or Animal Control

If you’re adamant at removing the nest or haven’t seen the mother of the babies back in a while, then don’t try to remove the nest by yourself. You’re not a trained professional, and you can be bitten or injure the rabbits in the process. Instead, call an animal shelter or animal control and let them take it from there. They will assess the situation and make the appropriate call.

How to Prevent Rabbits from Digging a Nest in the Backyard

If you are hoping to prevent rabbit dens, you should start with these methods for them away from your yard in the first place. Rabbits are attracted to vegetables and tall grass and would love to jump at the chance of nesting there and eating the produce. Either stop growing or be selective in what you plant to prevent rabbits from nesting.

Place a Fence

Placing a fence will deter them from coming into the yard and creating a home. Also, make sure the fence goes at least more than 9 inches into the ground as rabbits can just dig under the fence and resurface on the other side.

Use Pets and Other Wild Animals

I know I recommended protecting the rabbits from pets, but this step is to prevent them from coming in the first place. Use pets like dogs or cats or predators like foxes or snakes to chase away future rabbits from spawning in your yard.

Chemical or Scent Usage

Use natural smells, to drive the rabbits away, like onions, fertilizer made from blood meal or predator scent like fox urine or hair of a human. Also, chemical-based repellents are available to prevent the rabbits from digging a den or establishing a nest in the yard.

While rabbits are adorable, furry friends, their nests can be frustrating to deal with. But following these simple steps can help you handle this situation the right way.

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