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It is undeniable that penguins are some of the animals most recognized and loved by people, and, as a rule, most perceive them as gentle and friendly creatures. These features are praised in the media and in the fictional stories in which they appear.

The film industry has a moderate number of films whose main characters are penguins, or they appear as companions or friends. If you like penguins or want to have a great time of entertainment, take a look at these fiction films:

Happy feet (2006).
It is a 3D animated film, which tells the fun and inspiring story of a young penguin rejected by his colony for not being able to sing. However, he is a great tap dancer. Musical numbers, a touching story, and an ecological message earned the film a place among the best of that year and the Oscar in the Best Animated Film category.

Surf’s up (2007).
Another animated film. It narrates the adventures of a rockhopper penguin who wants to be a professional surfer, so he joins a surf contest. It is a fresh and fun option, and it is an opportunity to see one of the least recognized penguin species.

Madagascar (2005).
The film focuses on the travel and adventures of several animals to the Central Park Zoo, after arriving by mistake to the island of Madagascar. Along with a giraffe, hippo, lion, zebra, lemur, and other species, four penguins travel with them: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. It was not long before these intelligent penguins had their sole television show: The Penguins of Madagascar, and a short titled The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper.

The Farce of the Penguins (2007).
This movie is a parody of The March of the Penguins, which was distributed directly on video. With humor far from the documentary, it shows the journey of a group of male penguins that expect to meet several females to mate. It is not a tape for all tastes, and not for children.

Batman Returns (1992).
Who does not remember the Penguin? It is the villain who, in addition to appearing in Batman comic strips, also appears in this film. He is the leader of a criminal band that loves birds and looks like a penguin. Hundreds of penguins borrowed from zoos all over the world appeared in a memorable scene.

The Stone and the Penguin (1995).
This movie is not as known as Happy Feet or Surf’s up, but it is a fun musical performed in traditional animation. The story tells how Hubie, a timid penguin, is in love with Marina and wants to find a rock to give her and earn her love. One day he finds a beautiful green gem, but the villains make his quest difficult.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011).
This film with real actors, in which Jim Carrey participates, tells the adventures that Tom Popper has to live with six penguins that his father left to his care. Addicted to work and without the will to attending the crazy birds, Tom will find in them a reason to approach his family.

But not all is fiction. Perhaps the most famous film about penguins is The March of the Penguins, a documentary that won an Oscar for Best Documentary Film.

The March of the Penguins (La Marche de l’Empereur, 2006).
Each year, thousands of emperor penguins walk miles and miles from their feeding grounds, in the ocean, to places where they mate and nest. It is a very long and dangerous journey from which not all survive; this is the basic plot of the documentary directed by Luc Jacquet, co-produced by the National Geographic Society and narrated by Morgan Freeman. It is a must watch to get introduced to the world of penguins!

Encounters at the end of the world (2007).
This documentary, written by Werner Herzog, shows the wild nature of Antarctica while Herzog travels to the McMurdo station; a Journey where he has encounters with fascinating marine and terrestrial creatures, including penguins.




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