Penguins and Humans Index

Penguins and humans.

Penguin Research
New technologies like GPS and satellite imagery help scientist to keep track of penguins and the populations of the major colonies. Several exciting programs exist in Universities and private institutions that look to preserve penguins and anticipate the dangers they could face.

Humans and Penguins
The relationship between humans and penguins has not been entirely positive, but we cannot dismiss the efforts to preserve their ecosystems and populations in recent years, but we cannot forget the unstoppable killing of penguins since the first European explorers discover them.

Penguins in Movies
Penguins enjoy great popularity among people because of their funny look and friendly character. This fame brought them to the movies, where there are several films either animations or real life productions.

Penguins in History
A sailor in the ship of the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, traveling around the south tip of Africa by 1497, was the first European to write about penguins. From there, all kind of explorers of the southern hemisphere found one by one all penguin species.

Penguins on TV and the Internet
Some TV shows have spread several misconceptions about penguins, especially those related to sharing a habitat with walruses and polar bears which inhabit in the opposite pole of the Earth than penguins. Chilly Willy and Pingu are two favorite TV shows about penguins.

Penguins in Literature
The popularity of this bird has reached different artistic expressions like literature. Textbooks, fables, stories and children’s books are among the vast diversity of works related to penguins.

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