The stories surrounding the Otter go back to the early times of mythology. There you will find the story about a dwarf that took on the form of an Otter. There is also the myth of Otters Ransom that is an excellent story to read. It is the beginning of a saga so be prepared to enjoy some wonderful reading.

There are a couple of cultures out there that really honor the Otter. For example many types of Native Americans feature the Otter on their totem poles. This means they honor it and that they feel it is part of who they are. The Zoroastrian people believe that it is against nature and their gods to kill the Otter. They would hold ceremonies for those that they found dead in the wild as well.

The Europeans believed that the Otter is really a type of god in disguise. This is why it has characteristics including the ability to scream and to chuckle. They believe this particular type of god stayed on Earth in the form of an animal to see how others would treat it. Those that honored it and were respectful to the land and the water would have a long and happy life. Those that didn’t though would have a life full of suffering.

An amazing book to read is by Gavin Maxwell called Ring of Bright Water. This is the story of how he brought an Otter from Scotland to live with him in Iraq. This book tells about the various adventures that occurred. It is also very compassionate and humorous in some spots so make sure you read it.

You can find plenty of great books about Otters at your local library. There are offered for people of all ages so young children can view pictures and learn the basics. Older children and adults can learn more specific details as well as conservation efforts. The librarian can point you in the right direction.

There are a few instances where the Otter has also stolen the hearts of younger generations as well. For example PB&J Otter is part of a cartoon family. Children learn a great deal though is adventures. Marlene is the Otter featured in the cartoon movie The Penguins of Madagascar. This is a fun film with lots of other animals as well.

One show with Otters dates back more than 30 years but it is one that your entire family will love. It is called Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. It tells the story of a young Otter and his love of music. It also tells about his desire to do something nice for his mother at Christmas time. What they both learn is that all they really need is each other. It isn’t a cartoon but an animated show that you will love.

Other types of programming out there are designed to be educational in nature. One of the best ones out there is called Sea Otter Recovery. While it is specifically based on the Sea Otters there is plenty to learn that can apply to all species of Otters. A Laid Back Life is another documentary that shows all of the different elements of this type of life. It also shows that these animals can thrive if humans will give them the chance.

The internet is a fast and convenient source of materials about the Otter. You do need to make sure you choose your sources carefully though. There are plenty of reports of inaccurate information about them on many of these websites. Don’t assume that because the information is online that it is accurate.

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