Otters and Humans Relationship

There is still hope that one day humans and Otters will be able to live in harmony. For that to occur though humans need to accept responsibility for what they have done over the course of time. The future of many species of Otters has almost been destroyed due to selfishness on the part of humans. Since Otters don’t pose a threat to humans there is no reason for such destruction to continue.

The biggest problem with humans and Otters is that it was once big business to sell the pelts from these animals. It was fast and easy to kill them, skin them, and make a pocket full of money. Since Otters are found in so many locations many people around the world were getting in on the process. As the big boom of the Otter pelt industry came along people all over the world were wearing robes, coats, and hats made from such materials.

As the desire for that fashion trend waned, people stopped killing so many of them. After all they were only in it for the money and now it was making them very little per Otter pelt that they provided. Many though that the future for the Otter would be safe at that point. Yet they didn’t realize the mass numbers of them that were being destroyed due to commercial fisherman.

Sometimes it was on accident due to the types of nets they used for their catches. The Otters would be injured or killed in them. Other times though these fishermen were intentionally trapping and killing them. Their reasoning was that it would result in more fish remaining in the water for them to capture in their nets. Their goal is to make money and they will do so at any cost.

Taking over the natural habitat of the Otters is also a problem. Humans tend to go in and clear out land to make it what they want without taking into consideration that it is home to other creatures including Otters. While the development of new things for humans is nice, it doesn’t erase the harm that is being done these animals.

Even those individuals that don’t have a desire to kill Otters have contributed to it in a variety of ways. They include global warming and pollution. When we aren’t conscious of our actions they can help add to the problems that these two elements have created in our society.

Not all humans though are causing harm against Otters. There are plenty of researchers and scientists out there that observe them without inflicting any harm on them. There are also conservation groups and animal rights groups out there that strive to protect them and to help them increase in numbers. They also do their best to educate people about the problems we are creating for Otters. As a result more people are taking up the cause of protecting these animals.

Sanctuaries are in place that injured Otters can be taken to for medical care. Most of them can eventually be returned to the wild again. Others stay in captivity in well managed habitats including those found at Sea World locations. Volunteers work to clean up the waters and to get emergency efforts under way when Otters are in danger due to oil spills or other problems.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of individuals, more has been done for Otters by government agencies around the world as well. Hopefully this will all be enough to offset the early destruction of Otters by humans in the past. You can lobby to your government entities for even more to be done.

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