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There are a variety of predators that can bother the Ostrich. Many of them go after the eggs because they are so large in size. They can include the Jackal, Vulture, and Mongoose.

For Ostrich of any size though there are quite a few different predators that they have to watch out for. They include Cheetahs, Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, and African Wild Dogs. The Ostrich has very good senses including vision and hearing. They use those defenses to help them hide from predators or to be able to run very fast from them.

Even though they have great senses to rely on, the Ostrich is in some pretty tough territory with wild cats. They are very patient and they are very good at hunting. It doesn’t take them very much energy at all to lie and wait for the opportunity to pounce. They are also very fast and when you combine that with powerful paws it is a very serious match up.

The Ostrich though is a fierce protector of their eggs and each other. They have very powerful legs and they will fight if they have to. They have been able to keep away large predators including Lions. They have sharp claws that allow them to fight if they must. Most of the time they will run if they can though due to their fast speeds.

The specific types of predators that an Ostrich will have depends on where it lives. In the wild it can be a mix of different predators. On farms there can be issues with wild dogs and wild cats. They can get into the fences where the Ostrich are kept. In many areas the natural habitat of those predators has been depleted so they do what they must in order to survive.

Humans can be predators of the Ostrich as well. This is very true in Africa where villagers rely on the eggs and meat from these wild birds for their own survival. No matter what types of predators are involved, the Ostrich usually doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves when it comes to their self defense. They are powerful and they will do all they can to ensure their own survival.

It is seldom that an Ostrich will attack a human but they have been seen doing so. They have even been seen pecking at them as they drive off in jeeps across the rugged terrain. The aggressive nature of any Ostrich will increase when it feels in danger. This is especially true if there are eggs around that they are trying to protect.

Predators have a better chance of getting an Ostrich when it is living alone or when they are living in pairs. When they are in a herd there will be at least 5 of them but there can be up to 50 of them. This means that they have a better chance of being alert and being able to scatter before a predator can get to them.

Of course it all comes down to the survival of the fittest as well. Since an Ostrich can be a serious force to be reckoned with, it is very important to go after the young or the weak. A large predator can be very seriously injured if kicked by an Ostrich and they don’t want to risk their own ability to survive. It all comes down to the circle of life out there in the wild. There has to be a balance with prey and predators in order for all life forms to be sustained. Humans often fail to see that these animal interactions also affect their own well being and survival as well.



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