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Ostrich farms are extremely popular due to the demand for this particular animal. They are raised to offer food, to provide materials such as leather, and their feathers are often used for various items as well. At one time the Ostrich numbers in the wild were dropping but that has changed now to Ostrich farming. Since these birds do well in a variety of climates they are raised in more than 50 countries.

By 1913 there were more than 1 million Ostrich farms out there. However, during World War I the demand for feathers significantly declined. Today they are used for so many other things too though that they have increased in numbers. There are some sanctions inAfricathat limits the number of Ostrich hides that they can import to the USA per year. These hides are used to make leather goods.

To help cut the costs though there are more Ostrich farms in the USA today than ever before. They can often raise them and then have the hides processed do that cuts their costs of having them imported as they did before. Ostriches are very smart so there have to be various types of controls in place. For example they can get out of fencing if they aren’t closely watched.
Sometimes the mature Ostrich will become very attached to their humans on the farm too. They may try to engage with them on a variety of levels. Since an Ostrich is a very large bird it can be overwhelming for the person that is around the Ostrich. Too many of them in one location can be a problem too. It can cause them to take part in aggressive behavior.

In the wild many Ostrich are loners or they live in small groups. They don’t typically live in herds unless there is a drought or unless it is time for breeding to take place. On a farm they can form sub groups with a dominant male and a dominant female as they would in the wild.

Many of the Ostrich farms in the USA advertise that they have an all natural range free product to offer. They provide custom packaging too and shipments around the world of their product. This is all to meet the demands of those consumers that are looking for a very lean and low calorie food. They also know that consumers are going to pay for top quality.

Those that will be used for meat are slaughtered when they are from 10 to 14 months of age. If they get older than that the meat will become very tough. For the use of feathers though they can continue to grow into adults. Those are also the ones used for breeding. As an Ostrich reaches maturity they have a very high immune system so there are few problems with disease and other issues that can significantly wipe out the numbers on any Ostrich farm.

It is cost effective to raise them too due to the fact that they consume far less food than pigs, cows, and sheep. There is also a very high value for them so that means a good profit for the farms. In some locations there are problems due to the unsanitary conditions that the Ostrich are being raised in. Animal rights groups have taken measures to have these farms looked over to ensure there is adequate food and space for the animals.


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