Orangutan Information Index

  • Orangutan Behavior.
    The orangutan is one of the most fascinating of the great apes. They are often part of behavioral studies because they are considered one of the smartest mammals in the world.
  • Orangutan Feeding.
    When it comes to feeding the orangutan their diet is composed of close to 90% fruit.
  • Orangutan Habitat and Distribution.
    There are two species of orangutans found in the world: Bornean and Sumatran and theyOrangutan information are named after their differing locations.
  • Orangutan Anatomy.
    Orangutans are great apes that live in Asia. There are two main species and they are named for the regions they are common to; Sumatran and Bornean. They are native to Indonesia and Malaysia. There are many things you will notice when you look at an orangutan.
  • Orangutan Reproduction.
    Because orangutans are mammals, their reproduction process is very similar to that of humans from the gestation period to the birth and even the process of caring for the infant after the birth occurs.
  • Orangutan Evolution.
    The orangutan is one of the great apes and they are the only apes in Asia. They have been studied for years and have fascinated humans even longer.
  • Orangutan Conservation.
    There are several reasons that the orangutan is endangered (Bornean species) and critically endangered (the Sumatran species).

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