Suricata suricatta

The Meerkat belongs to the mongoose family and there are quite a few species. They enjoy socialization so their family groups usually have at least 20 members. There is a great deal of hierarchy involved and it is usually the females that control it.

The Meerkat only weighs about 2 pounds for males and 1 ½ pounds for females. The body is long and slender with a size around 14 inches and a tail that adds up to another 7 inches to their overall size.

The Meerkat is going to vary in color based on location. They dig nests in the ground and they consume lizards, snakes, and insects. They seem to be immune to the venom from spiders and scorpions so they will also feed on them. They forage in groups with one of the small group being on guard to help warn of any dangers.

Meerkat - Suricata suricatta

Meerkat Pup – Baby Animal Pictures

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