Manatee Information Index

  • Manatee Anatomy
    The overall size depends on several factors including their location, vegetation that is part of their diet, species, and gender.
  • Manatee Feeding
    They are opportunistic so they will consume what they have access to in a given environment.Manatee Information
  • Manatee¬†Reproduction
    The mating process is very interesting when you are talking about the manatee.
  • Manatee Communication
    The manatee is fascinating on many levels, and that includes their communication and social behavior.
  • Manatee Habitat and Distribution
    The shallow waters and marshy coastal regions are the most common places where you will find the manatee living.
  • Manatee Evolution
    The theories of evolution involving the manatee are very interesting. The oldest of these fossil remains where located around Jamaica.
  • Manatee Conservation
    The manatee is considered to be endangered at this point in time. The leading reasons for this happen to be due to human actions.

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