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There are a variety of different predators out there that can be dangerous for Lizards. What they will have to contend with depends on their size, the species, and where they live. Birds are a very common predator of Lizards. Since these creatures enjoy being out in the open to enjoy the sunlight, they are vulnerable to birds because of their excellent vision.

There are a variety of different mammals out there that will consume small Lizards or their eggs. These mammals include wild canines, fox, and even wild cats in some locations. It all depends on the availability of different food sources and the types of mammals that tend to be in a given location. In some locations coyotes are a huge threat to the Lizard.

Even though Lizards are very closely related to snakes this is a common predator. The fact that snakes can be both on land and in the trees means that they are at risk. Snakes can swallow prey whole so they can consume Lizards several times their own size.

Sometimes it can be other Lizards that are larger that will consume them. Even the same species can be a predator of the young. Since there is no maternal protection of the young that are born they are simple prey for all of these types of predators. There is a mortality rate of more than 50%.

Parasites can be something that kills Lizards. They are developed from various insects and rodents that the Lizards consume. These parasites are able to survive in the intestines of the Lizard and they move into the area around the heart. As a result the Lizard can’t get the proper nutrition that it needs to survive.

Humans tend to be a big threat to Lizards in a variety of ways. First, they tend to destroy the natural habitat where these creatures live. They use those areas for their own needs and don’t think twice about the fact that Lizards will have no access to food or shelter in those locations.

They may kill Lizards due to myths and stories that run very deep in many cultures. Lizards are often seen as being evil and so those that see them find it to be a terrible omen. Their solution is to get rid of them as much as possible in their environment. There are plenty of locations where the consumption of Lizard eggs is said to be a delicacy. Villagers go to take the eggs as often as they can.
The meat from some Lizards is also a reason why these creatures are hunted and killed. The skins from the larger Lizards are often used to make a variety of leather goods that are either used by the culture or sold for a profit to help them purchase items that they need for their own survival.

Lizards have a variety of defenses that they use to help them get away from predators. For example many species can break off the end of the tail. This allows the predator to be confused by what remains as they make their escape. Some Lizards can turn the color of their surroundings for protection. There are some species that are able to squirt blood from their eyes. Only two species are able to release a toxic venom.

In spite of the problems that Lizards have with predators, there doesn’t seem to be a big threat for the overall existence of any of the species. With thousands of them that is a significant sign that Lizards are very adaptable and able to handle the changes going on around them.


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