Jellyfish Information Index

Jellyfish Anatomy

The Jellyfish is a simple invertebrate but they are able to move better than others that fall into that same classification.

Jellyfish Blooms

A Jellyfish bloom refers to a group of them that live together. Not all species take part in such living conditions.

Pelagia noctilucaJellyfish Feeding

Jellyfish have a mouth that they place food into. They are carnivores which means that they eat other living creatures.

Jellyfish Habitat

The habitat for Jellyfish is very vast as they can live in any ocean water.

Jellyfish Lifecycle

The lifestyle for any species of Jellyfish changes frequently. Some of the stages are quick and others can last for a year or longer.

Jellyfish Predators

There are several types of predators that the Jellyfish may have in the ocean. Of course it depends on where they live and their size.

Jellyfish Species

There are more than 2,000 different Jellyfish species that have been identified. They range significantly in color, size, and dimensions.



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