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The Jellyfish often gets a terrible reputation when it comes to their relationship with humans. The fact that they can sting very quickly is a prime reason why so many people are afraid of them. They live in the bodies of ocean water around the world where many people enjoy swimming. In a fraction of a second it is possible to be stung by one. Then the pain and swelling can occur instantly.

This is a fact that has made the Jellyfish an uneasy living creature in the eyes of humans. They certainly don’t want to become the next victim. What people often don’t understand though is that Jellyfish is a brainless creature. They don’t sting to be mean or because they have a desire to hurt humans. Instead, it is a sensory part of the body that causes them to sting any time they come into contact with anything – and that means humans too.

The impact of over population of certain species of Jellyfish in given areas has become a huge problem. This is believed to be the result of over fishing. Since fish are the prime consumer of Jellyfish then they are being able to continue to increase in numbers. These higher numbers are often responsible for preventing tourists from going to the beach.

In the Philippines and California they have been responsible for causing black outs. In many locations they use the water to create electricity. When too many Jellyfish to get into those cooling system locations they can jam it up and cause severe problems for people that rely on power from such a resource.

To help with such problems there are efforts in some regions including California to remove them from the waters. The hope is to be able to get the number of them balanced again and make it possible for people to enjoy those waters again. Yet this process is going to take a great deal of time to see the benefits of. Many animal rights groups though are fighting such efforts. They feel the answer should be less fishing or to add more fish to those waters.

The Scyphozoan Jellyfish is one species that is consumed by humans. In many cultures it is considered a delicacy to eat it. The main locations where this occurs are in Asia, especially in China. Due to the high demand for them many entities on those locations actually harvest the Scyphozoan Jellyfish so that they are able to keep up with the requests for it. They can be served raw or cooked depending on the texture that a person wants.

In captivity the Jellyfish can be placed in huge tanks where they can be observed through large plates of glass. For many people this is the only real visual that they will have of seeing one up close. A replication of the ocean current though can be tough to create in such conditions. Special tanks have to be created to help the Jellyfish with movement in captivity. Otherwise there is the risk that they will get stuck in corner regions.

Today it is possible to buy a special type of aquarium for raising Jellyfish at home. Many people love this idea because it is a twist of the conventional method of having fish around the house as pets. Yet it is important to understand that Jellyfish require more care than fish. It is a good idea to do lots of research about how to properly care for them before you get them. You also have to make sure you look at information pertaining how to care for specific types of Jellyfish species in a home aquarium.


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