Ostrich and Human Relationship


Humans seem to like the Ostrich which is why they aren’t in danger. They thrive all over the place even in colder regions. Still, that doesn’t mean that humans don’t find value in Ostriches. In many locations the cultures are still under developed. They take the eggs of this bird and use them as canteens. Some of them have been found with ancient writing and paintings on them. This often shows that people have lived using Ostrich for cultural needs and survival.

In Egypt the remains of Ostrich and their symbols have been found in tombs. This shows that they had a great deal of respect for this particular bird. They wanted to take parts of it into the after life with them.

Racing on the backs of Ostriches is a sport that continues in many locations. It may seem silly to some but if you live in Africa is it no different than racing horses. These birds have special saddles on them. In Jacksonville Florida the races have been a common attraction for tourists on one of the Ostrich farms there. In Arizona there is an annual Ostrich festival that also features this type of racing.

In some locations there are small buggies that are pulled by Ostriches. They use them similar to the use of horses. Since Ostrich are so intelligent they can be very easy to train. However, they are also known to be more stubborn so they can have a mind of their own. It takes plenty of skill to be able to successfully control Ostrich due to their unpredictable behaviors at times.

The use of Ostrich to create a source of meat has been very common in various locations. It is said to be very low in fact, cholesterol, and calories. It is also stated to taste very good. For tourists that go to different countries trying this type of meat is something that they do. They are curious about what it is like and they try a variety of dishes. In some locations their eggs are also considered to be a delicacy.

Leather is a common item that comes from Ostriches. It is said to be the toughest of all leather products in the world. The quality of leather is something that really has to be determined as it helps the value. The cost of making the leather is low and the money for it is high so it is deemed as a good investment.

Feathers used to be very common but after World War I the market for it collapsed. You will still find pillows and other products out there made from real Ostrich feathers though.

Some wonder how the Ostrich is able to be in the wild in such high numbers with all of the use of them going on around the world. The answer has to do with Ostrich farms that stem all over the place. These are locations where Ostrich are raised for the sole purpose of getting their eggs, raising them for racing, for eating, and for making products such as leather.

These farms are highly profitable too because it doesn’t cost as much to raise such a bird as it does other animals such as cattle. Since adult Ostriches have a very high immune system there is also a good chance that those that will be breeding are going to remain healthy. They do have to be closely watched though as they are clever and can escape from fenced areas from time to time.

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