Flamingo Species Index

There are six species of flamingos that remain on the Earth today. While they are all similar in basic ways, there are enough differences for them to each have their own category as well as name.

Types of Flamingos Overview

Their bright pink color and wading ways makes them stand apart from the some 10,000 different species of birds in the entire world.

American Flamingo

While their namesake suggests that the American flamingos are present in all the continent, they are muchTypes of flamingos more common in the Caribbean and islands surrounding the Southern Americas.

Andean Flamingo

The beaks of the Andean flamingo are a black and yellow color, yellow closest to the face, descending into black as you get closer to the tip of the beak.

Chilean Flamingo

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Chilean flamingo, over its other widespread counterparts, is the pink “cap” that covers its ankle joints.

Greater Flamingo

They feed on small invertebrates that they pick up from the mud and water of the lakes and lagoons that they inhabit.

James Flamingo

The James’s flamingo has the finest filtering mechanism of any of the flamingo species, and have more of the gummy flaps than their counterparts, up to twice as many.

Lesser Flamingo

The Lesser flamingo is the smallest of all the six different species of flamingo, standing a little over two feet tall, and weighing at maximum, six pounds.


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