Elephant Information Index

Elephant Anatomy 

All African elephants have tusks, whether male or female. They use these tusks for any number of practices.

Elephant Habitat

Some elephants live in tropical forests, enjoying a steady temperature throughout the year and experiencing varied but unpredictable levels of rainfall.

Elephant BehaviorMale African Elephant

Elephants are amongst the few wild animals to form strong social bonds of companionship, friendship and family.

Elephant Feeding

They consume a great deal of tree bark, which has plenty of fibre and roughage to aid good digestion.They enjoy eating fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds – and will happily dig into twigs and roots as well.

Elephant Reproduction

When a female elephant is ready to mate, she sends out an infrasonic signal that is heard by males up to many tens of miles away.

Elephant Threats

Elephants have very few predators, and indeed are classed as having no natural enemies at all. They’re big, they’re strong and they’re almost psychotically protective of their calves.

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