Category: Felines


Serval Facts. Servals are medium-sized small cats, closely related to the caracal. 
Servals live exclusively in Africa, almost all in South Africa and Tunisia.

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Ocelot Facts. Like many cats, the ocelot is solitary, territorial and nocturnal. Otherwise, they’re actually rather laid-back creatures.

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Leopard Facts. Their distinctive ‘rosette’ style spots are a major fashion statement; the lore that surrounds them is widespread and popular.

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Cougar Facts and information. Cougars, sometimes referred to as “mountain lions”, are the only wild cat of anything like their size and power commonly found in many parts of the USA.

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Lion Facts. They’re symbols of monarchy, bravery, regality and any number of other positive qualities, and there are depictions of lions in popular culture reaching all the way back into prehistory.

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Cheetah Facts. 
Cheetahs are mostly to be found in eastern and southwestern Africa, though there are still some few living in parts of Asia.

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Lynx Facts and Information. The lynx’s infamy stems largely from the bobcat: a beautiful and often-misunderstood creature, all too often disliked by the people who encounter it.

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Domestic Cat

Domestic Cat Facts and information. Cats are adored worldwide – they’re good companions, comforting presences, skilled vermin hunters and beautiful creatures.

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Feline Species

Feline Species Facts. Back in ancient Greece, the now world-renowned philosopher Aristotle came to realise that we had to have a way of classifying the things in the world around us.

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