Different Types of Bears – Species

There are eight species of bears that remain on Earth today. While they are all similar in basic ways, there are enough differences for them to each have their own category as well as name. 

  • Bear Species Overview
    There are eight species of bears living today.
  • Brown Bear
    The Brown Bear is often mistaken for a Grizzly Bear due to the resemblance in their physical appearance.
  • Grizzly Bear
    When you think of bears in general, it may be the well known Grizzly Bear that you have a vision of.
  • Kodiak Bear
    The size of the Kodiak Bear has given it a reputation in the wild a being a force to reckon with.
  • American Black Bear
    The American Black Bear is one that most people have heard of and seen pictures of. Don’t let the name throw you off though as they can also be brown when it comes to their coloring.
  • Asian Black Bear
    The Asian Black Bear is all black except for a white crescGiant Panda Feedingent shaped area in the chest region. The fur around the neck is very thick and often gives the appearance of a mane.
  • Sloth Bear
    The Sloth Bear is named due to the way it looks like a Sloth, but it has more in common with bears than this other type of animal.
  • Spectacled Bear
    The Spectacled Bear no doubt has an interesting name. Yet when you look at one you will definitely see where that name comes from.
  • Sun Bear
    The smallest bear in the world is known as the Sun Bear. A full grown male may tip the scales at barely 100 pounds.
  • Panda Bear
    The Panda Bear certainly is very different in appearance than the other species of bears. It features both black and white on the body.
  • Extinct Bear Species
    Unfortunately, there are already several extinct bear species that we know of. Extinct means that there aren’t any more of them out there in the world anywhere.
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