Biodiversity is important for us because it provides the foundation of an ecological balance that supports life on Earth.

Flamingo Behavior

Most of the research into flamingo’s behavior has occurred in the captivity setting. There are behavioral characteristics that researchers have discovered apply to most flamingo species.

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Types of Biomes in the World

There are quite a few different types of biomes in the world. Each of them has unique characteristics. Due to the climate and features, there are different plants and animals that are able to thrive in them.

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Tundra Biome

The tundra biome is the world’s youngest biome. It was believed to have formed approximately 10,000 years ago. Approximately 20% or of the surface of the Earth falls into this category.

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Savanna Biome

When we think of the Savanna Biome, it is understandable that we think of hot and dry areas. However, it may surprise you to learn that there is a very wet season and then a very dry season in the Savanna.

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