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Manta Rays

Manta Ray Manta Ray Facts Manta Rays are cartilaginous marine fish which live in the tropical oceans around the world. Manta rays have a flatted body with two wing-like fins on each side of their body. Mantas are filter feeder...

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Gorilla   Facts about Gorillas   Gorillas are mammals and the largest of the living primates. Gorillas live in tropical and subtropical forests of Africa in limited zones. There are two species of gorilla, the Western...

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Conservation of Biomes

All of the biomes in the world are very important for all of us. The animals and plants that live in them are a delicate balance. The efforts of humans though often upset that balance.

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Savanna Biome

When we think of the Savanna Biome, it is understandable that we think of hot and dry areas. However, it may surprise you to learn that there is a very wet season and then a very dry season in the Savanna.

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Taiga Biome

The taiga biome is one that has very long and cold winters. They summers are short and they are cool in temperature. The cool air masses from the arctic can move in rapidly.

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